Arturia обновляет Pigments, добавив Polyphonic Aftertouch и другие функции

Arturia выпустила версию 1.1 Pigments, своего нового гибридного виртуального аналогового программного синтезатора.

Вот что нового в пигментах 1.1:

  • Master tuning added in Keyboard tab
  • Added a 6dB LPF and HPF slope mode to the Multimode Filter
  • Sidechains are now displayed as modulations in the modulation bar
  • Dynamic graphical representation of effects
  • Poly Aftertouch handling added in Keyboard tab
  • Velocity and Keyboard curve editor in Keyboard tab
  • Turing and Binary random sources now have reset trigger sources
  • Computer keyboard can now be used as a MIDI input in Standalone


  • Correct preset now loaded for First Look Tutorial
  • Play mode (mono, legato, poly) now in Keyboard area
  • The phase of sync’ed Functions is not changed when modulating the rate in One mode


  • Naming of parameters in modulation bar now correspond to the parameter name
  • Window zoom improvements
  • No more freezes when importing wavetables then exiting the wavetable browser
  • Various GUI improvements for icons, labels, …
  • No more crashes in VST in GigPerformer on Mac
  • Tagging a preset as a favorite does not kill notes anymore
  • Pan knob dead zone improved
  • First note is now properly rendered when exporting in FL20
  • Deleting a wavetable sample now clears it from the list
  • Missing samples are now properly reimported in User folder

Pigments 1.1 доступны в качестве бесплатного обновления через Arturia Software Center – нажмите «Update» в Pigments.

Если вы нашли ошибку, пожалуйста, выделите фрагмент текста и нажмите Ctrl+Enter.

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